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CLINICAID is a proprietary telemedicine system that offers clinical drug trial management teams with a vastly improved system:

Improved accuracy, quality, authenticity and speed of clinical trialsí medical data collection

Real-time control of all aspects of drug distribution to patients in all settings (ambulatory and medical center

Ability to handle different types and numbers of medication simultaneously or separately

Full interface with patientsí electronic data diaries and (Clinical trial Management Systems) CTMS

Ability for CROs, sponsors, and investigators to fully comply with GCP guidelines

Improved safety and quality of life

Ability to remotely and instantly halt all further drug dispensing at the patient level due to safety concerns

While several consumer compliance systems monitor patientsí medication schedules, or act as electronic reminders, there are no comprehensive systems available in the market that are specially designed to counter problems inherent in providing safe, accurate monitoring and compliance for patients in clinical drug trials.

The CLINICAID system provides:

Real-time control