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Product Description

CLINICAID is a breakthrough telemedicine system designed to support clinical drug trial management teams by providing real-time monitoring and documentation assistance on trial participants - accurately tracking and reporting their compliance and adherence.


The CLINICAID system dispenses personalized drug dosages designated for each specific patient or group of patients. For safety reasons, the drug is dispensed only after patient identification has been fully authenticated. In addition, both vocal and visual instruction is provided in the patient's native or chosen language.

The CLINICAID system is able to accurately dispense many different types of medications, either all at once or separately; each in accordance with the designated clinical trial treatment program. Dosages are preset centrally by the clinical trial manager.

CLINICAID fully supports sponsor compliance with 'Good Clinical Practice' (GCP) guidelines, and other international regulatory requirements. The system features an immediate device lock and alarm to prevent dispensing medications in case of safety concerns.

The main users of CLINICAID are

Pharmaceutical companies, organizations or individuals conducting independent sponsored studies, such as the National Institute of Health, universities, hospitals or private researchers.

Service providers such as CRO’s (Contract Research Organizations) who perform clinical trials on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and research organizations.